Promote Vietnamese culture in Korea

Monday, 03/10/2016, 09:48 GMT+7
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On September 27, Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien received Mr.Jung Young Soo, Advisor to CJ Group, Korea in Ha Noi.

Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien thanked CJ Group by some contributions of culture, sports and cinema. The CJ Group supported and developed some projects with a target of development of culture, tourism and sports.


Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien said that the Viet Nam’s Government signed the developing strategy of cultural industry. It is a new and strategic view, which affirms Vietnamese culture with spiritual values and economic benefits.

According to the Minister, the CJ  is the biggest and successful group in a cultural industry development. The Group supported and helped Viet Nam implement the cultural industry development strategy, especially cinema industry.

To celebrate 25 years for Viet Nam and Korea foreign relation, it is a chance for Viet Nam and Korea to enhance the cultural exchange. Minister Thien stated that the Ministry would organize some great events to introduce Viet Nam’s tourism and culture in Korea. He hoped to cooperate with CJ Group at the event.
“Some contributions from the CJ will influence on Viet Nam in terms of culture, sports and tourism.” He stated.

Mr.Jung Young Soo - Advisor to CJ Group shared 3 fields of culture, sports and tourism as some main targets of the group in Viet Nam. He noted that the CJ would focus on investing into the fields in Viet Nam”.

In 2017, Viet Nam will organize 2017 tourism-culture festival in Korea including an art program on 25th foreign relation anniversary; photo exhibition of Vietnamese land and people in some big cities of Korea; tourism promotion conference in Korea. Also, Viet Nam Tourism Year in Korea will also introduce Viet Nam’s destinations and Vietnamese cuisine in Seoul capital. Two nations will co-organize some art performances, sport exchange, exhibition of Korean culture and people in Viet Nam.


Written : National Times