Opening the tourism festival Ho Chi Minh City in 2016

Tuesday, 29/03/2016, 15:38 GMT+7
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Evening  of 24 March , The department of Tourism Ho Chi Minh City opens  Tourism Festival in Ho Chi Minh city 2016 with artistic program “ Colors of Southern”   at 23.9 Park district 1.

Festival  takes place from 24 to 27 March with 150 booths which include 39 local booths, 44 booths of  tourism enterprises in Ho Chi Minh city  and more than 60 booths of tourist agencies in many provices o ascross the country.

In the framework of the festival with many activies, ebullient program, deverisify as the ceremony to honor top brand travels  in Ho Chi Minh city 2015; Golden voice tourism festival Ho Chi Minh city; Exhibits  and displays  impressive publications;  Workshop introduces destination of provinces…

Specifically, In respond to the national tourism of Kien Giang provive 2016 with theme “ Discover the land of Southern”. Organization board performs the program “Colors of Southern”

The booth of Southern  provinces are displayed separately, outstanding with decorating ideas which impressed deeply character of Southern area with image of river, man and life of the people of Southern region; introduce cultural program, traditional art, deeply national character.

Festiaval tourism Ho Chi Minh city has become an annual event to affirm it’s position, important role of tourism in Ho Chi Minh city which are tourist central of the country, key economic contribute significantly in the development of economic, society in the city and country.

Festival is also a opportunity  for locals and travel business approach, introduce their products and services to domestic visitors and foreigner.
Especially the domestic tourism market over 10 million inhabitants of the city.

Beside, It is also a best chance for travel companies business their products, tourist service, build and affirm their trade name, implement stimulus domestic tourism in summer with consumers in Ho Chi Minh City.

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